We Are Still Here!

This summer was a transitional period for the Zondervan Library at Saint Mark’s Episcopal School. Countless hours were spent remodeling the lower level of the library to incorporate the technology and STEM Activity Center, formerly located upstairs. Even with those changes, the library and the majority of the collection still remain in place. So… what was removed? Outdated reference books, books that no longer were being circulated and outdated collections. The library is now a library-media center and continues to house a tremendous collection of titles ranging from Caldecott Medal Winners (outstanding picture books) to Newberry Winners (outstanding novels). We have fantasy, science fiction, realistic novels for all ages, as well as classic early readers. Our library has been reorganized and refreshed, making it easier than ever for students to find the books they are looking for.

Relocating technology to the lower level has increased our ability to combine library and media, making library class-time a “team effort.” Both Mrs. Alari (technology) and Mrs. Harris (librarian), have strong technology backgrounds and are familiar with library skills and curriculum, allowing for a team approach to learning. They work together to build a curriculum that incorporates classic library skills with modern technology, expanding our use of the Follett Destiny system to bring online research and curriculum options to our classrooms as they partner with teachers to provide enrichment and reinforcement of the current areas of study.

We invite you to stop by to take a look at all the exciting the changes. Perhaps volunteer an hour or two to shelve books and keep things organized! We look forward to an exciting year in the Zondervan Library-Media Center.