Success Is Our #1 Priority

Meet Ms. Brandes Grani

Saint Mark’s Episcopal School has enhanced its ability to facilitate a diverse learning environment by establishing the new Resource Center located in the loft of the Library Building. This warm and welcoming environment is staffed by Ms. Brandes Grani, a longtime staff member of the school. Ms. Grani is a K-8 credentialed teacher who holds a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Science. Additionally, she is completing her Master’s degree in Special Education, K-12. In addition to her professional qualifications, Ms. Grani also brings personal experience to her position, as one of her children was diagnosed at age seven with Specific Learning Disabilities (SDL), both visual and auditory.

At Saint Mark’s, Ms. Grani will work with teachers and parents to develop personally-tailored strategies for children, empowering each to be successful students. She will instruct students for ELA including reading, writing, spelling, math and penmanship. While there are times when she will directly instruct children, the goal is for every child to receive the majority of their instruction inside the classroom. Ms. Grani will work with the classroom teachers to design a schedule that fits into the teacher’s schedule, as well as meeting the IEP/ISP requirements for time through the Upland Unified School District.

As Ms. Grani says, “Resource work is very near and dear to my heart. I have many years of experience with the process and have seen first-hand the success that comes from Intensive Specialized Academic Instruction.” You may contact Ms. Grani for more information at