COVID Protocols for In Person Worship

St. Mark’s cares for the young and vulnerable. Vaccinations are essential to create a safer and healthier workplace and worship space for all – including employees, volunteers, guests and especially for children not fully vaccinated and vulnerable members and guests.

Before and during the Christmas season we expect more children, grandchildren, grandparents, and singing. For everyone to be safer and healthier, we want to create a protective bubble. Our health and strength are intertwined with one another.

New Covid Policy: Beginning September 25, masks will be strongly encouraged. That is, masks will no longer be required for those 2 and up. Masks should also be worn by those serving many people face-to-face in close proximity including communion – for example, hospitality, ushers, greeters, Sunday School teachers, and Eucharistic ministers. Masks may be taken off at the lectern, altar, or presider chairs. Unvaccinated persons and those immunocompromised are especially encouraged to wear masks indoors – particularly when in a small room with minimal air circulation.

Proof of Vaccination: Is no longer required.

Social distancing: Please be respectful of those around you and adjust as you are able to for healthy spaces between households. We appreciate everyone’s patience and flexibility.

Since children aged 5-11 are just beginning to be vaccinated, all direct physical contact with young children should be avoided; elbow bumps are fine, but no hugs or handshakes.

Passing the Peace: For the “peace exchange,” everyone’s space and sensitivities should be respected. If someone offers their elbow, fist, or a peace sign, please respond appropriately. Do NOT assume physical affection. The peace of Christ is offered and given with enthusiastic consent.

Restrooms: To maintain physical distancing in the restrooms, we ask that only one person or household use the restroom at a time.

Hospitality: To reduce multiple handling of shared objects such as the coffee urn, hot water dispenser, and serving utensils, please let the hospitality host serve you.