Last year a group of staff members met monthly, over a period of five months to create a detailed matrix clearly spelling out the expectations that Saint Mark’s has for its students, and to ensure that those expectations reflect our values as an Episcopal school. Once completed, it was necessary to find the best method to clearly communicate these expectations to the children. The result is a series of banners and posters emblazoned with a colorful collection of balloons, posted in strategic locations around the campus, including Worship, Lunch, Classrooms, Playgrounds and others. While the specific expectations vary from the location to location, the banners and posters consistently reinforce the four characteristics of a Saint Mark’s student: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Stewardship. These colorful balloons keep the values of Saint Mark’s front and center in a clear and child-friendly manner. Please be sure to look for them out next time you are on campus!