Of Goats and Gardens

In January and February of 2016, Saint Mark’s held our annual Change for Change fundraiser for St. Andre’s in Haiti. Together, we raised over $2,600 for a school garden project for our partner school. With help from For a Reason and Genesis Community Church in Upland, construction has begun on the teaching gardens. We are working with Partners in Agriculture and their trade and agricultural school, CFFL. The following excerpts (translated from French) are from a report issued by the project managers from CFFL.

The objective of the Project:
To promote good eating habits and their influence on learning ability, and farm knowledge for and through the schoolchildren of St. Andre’s, Trianon. To supplement the meal program at St. Andre’s for all students. To assist families.

Specific objectives:

  • Encourage children to have a responsible attitude in the face of their immediate environment
  • Teaching the basics of agriculture and farming.
  • Assistance to families to help them pay school tuition fees.
  • Promote good healthy eating habits

Long term:
The children will have skills and positive attitudes that prepare them to acquire healthy eating habits outside and beyond school and into adulthood.

Expected results:

  • A change of lifestyle and attitude towards the environment
  • Able to cultivate a vegetable garden and raise goats
  • Develop good eating habits, sharing these with their families
  • Gain and understand the meaning of responsibility
  • Expected improvement of scholastic results and overall participation.
  • Learn the importance of working together in a team
  • Build family confidence from being able to pay school tuition fees