Looking back at my time at Saint Mark’s Episcopal School, I have realized more and more that Saint Mark’s has helped to shape who I am today. Saint Mark’s did not only prepare me for high school with a good work ethic, but also with a strong voice and the strength to stand out. As a student at Saint Mark’s, I was involved in the community by being a part of the Student Council and the Honor Cabinet. Being a part of these organizations and being surrounded by supporting faculty like Mr. Harris and Ms. Vinnedge, I was able to learn how to set an example for others and how to lead. In Student Council, I was the vice president and gave speeches after chapel on Mondays. Giving speeches every week to the community about upcoming events allowed me to better myself in public speaking. I became more confident and more aware of those around me. Now in high school, I have been blessed with the opportunity to hold the title of ASB president. I now speak in front of everyone, students and faculty alike, multiple times a week. I voice people’s opinions to the administration and instil leadership into the community. Now looking ahead, I will be attending Colgate University in the fall of 2016, and with the fundamentals that I have learned from Saint Mark’s Episcopal School, I hope to become a stronger leader in my new community.