1910 Legacy Society

Saint Mark’s Church circa 1910

The St. Mark’s 1910 Legacy Society was formed over 25 years ago. The goal was to create an endowment fund that gifts can be guided towards, whether they are for special requests or as the result of a bequest. Why 1910? It is the year Saint Mark’s was chartered as a church within the Diocese of Los Angeles!

Legacy funds are deposited into the Episcopal Diocesan Investment Trust (DIT) for safekeeping and investment purposes. The vestry is responsible for allocation of funds to fulfill specific requests. Alternatively, the donor may specify “where needed most.”

Just like paying down the mortgage frees up more funds for other Church-related giving and good works, adding a monthly or annual donation also helps the Legacy Society to provide for future needs of the parish.
The Legacy Society has a target of gifting 5% of the “three-year rolling average value” back to the church for special needs and projects within the St. Mark’s parish. This means as this Legacy Society fund grows, our good works can also grow.

Legacy giving offers us a way to make a difference, far beyond the measure of one lifetime. Benefits of joining The 1910 Legacy Society include:
• A relationship with the Saint Mark’s and other donors during your lifetime.
• A role in determining how your legacy gift will be used.
• Satisfaction in knowing your legacy will make a difference for your church community and will encourage others to do the same.
• Special recognition in our Legacy Book, and in newsletters and annual reports, unless anonymity is desired.

Gifts made through a bequest in a will or trust are not the only means of becoming a member of The Legacy Society. Other ways in which donors can apply personal resources toward the betterment of their community through The Legacy Society include:
• Estates
• Bequest in a Will or Living Trust
• Gifts of Life Insurance
• Charitable Gift Annuities
• Charitable Remainder Trusts
• Beneficiary Designation of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA, 401K, 403B)
To learn more about the 1910 Legacy Society or to plan your giving, please contact Dean Billman at 1910legacy@stmarks-upland.org