Behind the Scenes

“Whoever serves must do so with the strength that God supplies, so that God may be glorified in all things through Jesus Christ.”
– 1 Peter 4:11

Help Behind the Scenes

While we are, of course, thankful for those members of St. Mark’s who serve in public ways, we know that everyone has a different gift. Not everyone is called to carry a banner, speak, sing, or give communion. There are also many opportunities for serving our church and parish in more quiet ways.

Altar Guild members care for the sanctuary linens and furnishings. Each week they meet before services to prepare and set out the items to be used such as candles, chalices, the Gospel book, and holy water. Later they put these things away in the Sacristy and take the linens home to wash and iron. Members of the altar guild also prepare the church for special services such as weddings and funerals.  Contact

Flowers are chosen and arranged each week by members of the Flower Guild. Not only do they put together the large arrangements that sit near the altar, but they also assist with plants, flowers, and other decorations for special seasons, weddings, and funerals. Contact

Bread Bakers provide the special communion bread that is used for Sunday and Wednesday Eucharists and for weddings and funerals. A recipe is provided; members bake bread at their homes and it is then stored in the freezer at the church. Contact

Coffee Hour hosts work in teams to provide the snacks for our fellowship time following the 8am and 10am Sunday services. Each team is responsible several times a year for making coffee, supplying the food, setting it out, serving as needed, and cleaning up afterward. Contact

Sextons help the clergy and lay leaders manage events in the church buildings. They arrive early to open doors and help set up furniture and equipment. Then they stay late to lock up and secure the facilities.  Contact

Liturgical Arts volunteers design, select, and install the decorative items in the church that enhance our worship experience. With the help of those in the Altar and Flower Guilds, these members also decorate for each season of the church year.  Contact

Gardening Guild members have chosen the name St. Fiacre’s Guild after the patron saint of gardeners. Members organize monthly work parties to do planting, trimming, weeding, and sprinkler maintenance around the St. Mark’s campus. Novices and experienced gardeners are both welcome, as are “armchair” gardeners. Anyone with sprinkler system expertise would be particularly appreciated. Contact

Parking attendants help whenever there are special services with a large attendance. They reserve the front spaces for members who have difficulty walking and direct drivers to overflow parking in the rear of the church.  Contact

Photographers volunteer to capture moments in the life of the church and share these pictures in publications, on the bulletin board, and on the website. They also maintain the members’ photo board that is displayed in the Parish Hall.  Contact

Counters take the responsibility for counting the Sunday offerings, making sure all contributions are deposited into the correct funds, recording members’ pledges, and reporting to the parish business manager.  Contact

Birthday Cards are prepared and mailed out to members by volunteers who do this from home. A calendar, addresses, cards, and stamps are provided.  Contact

Helping Hands are available to assist other members in special times of need-to help by providing food or transportation and making phone calls, for example.  Contact