Alumni Spotlight: Owen Bishop ’13

By Caroline Metz ‘18

Owen’s Saint Mark’s Experience

Owen graduated from Saint Mark’s six years ago and is currently a sophomore at Columbia University. While at Saint Marks, Owen participated in the athletic program. He played on the football team and participated in the track and field meet at the Webb Schools in Claremont. Owen’s favorite teacher from Saint Mark’s was Mr. Carrington, the retired social studies and 8th grade homeroom teacher. Mr. C. helped Owen realize his full potential by encouraging him to do what he loved in high school and by helping him understand that that with hard work, you can do great things. Owen also chose Mr. C. as his favorite teacher due to the fact that Mr. C. made the Washington, D.C. field trip a lot of fun. Mrs. Porter was another of Owen’s favorite teachers. Mrs. Porter was Owen’s Pride leader.  At Saint Mark’s, Owen’s Favorite subject was science, which is taught by Ms. Vinnedge. Owen enjoyed this class due to its hands-on activities. In this class, students are given the opportunity to use microscopes, beakers, test tubes, and more to perform various labs.

High School

Owen attended Claremont High School where he continued to grow his love for the sciences but began to grow a new passion for math. Owen enjoyed physics on the math end of the spectrum. Owen played soccer on club teams until he picked up running as his new passion. Owen says, “I think the running at Saint Mark’s definitely got me interested in cross country. I would not have tried cross country at CHS If it wasn’t for the weekly run at Saint Mark’s.”


College and Beyond

After graduating from Claremont High School, Owen went on to Columbia University, a prestigious college in New York City.  Owen has decided to study a math and economics joint major.  Over the summer, Owen ran a lot to get ready for the college cross country team at Columbia University. He also started his own company called ODB Media Group, providing social media management for small companies. Owen also studied at the London School for Economics for a month; he took at course on financial markets and stock market crashes. Owen also worked at a cross country camp at Claremont High School. Owen’s dream job is to be a quantitative analyst. A quantitative analyst is someone who predicts fluctuations in the stock market. Another dream job of Owen’s is to work at a tech firm.


Owen’s Advice

Owen’s advice for Saint Mark’s alumni is to keep in touch with the close friends you make at Saint Mark’s and to not be afraid to go to a bigger school. Going from a small school like Saint Mark’s to a much bigger school like CHS can be very intimidating. Having those close friends from Saint Mark’s can make it easier to adjust to a different environment. “What I learned in the academic environment of Saint Mark’s definitely transferred into my high school years and helps me in future years college applications and currently where I am studying now. The athletic programs at Saint Mark’s were so much fun that I didn’t realize that they were setting me up for future athletic success in my high school and college years.”