Annual Giving Moves Our School Forward

Support the extraordinary gift of Saint Mark’s education

As an Episcopal day school that provides a preschool through eighth grade education, Saint Mark’s offers challenging academics that focus on the development of individual talents and potential. A Saint Mark’s education encourages spiritual and character growth in an atmosphere that honors the diversity of faith customs, that supports acceptance, and that invites inquiry. The faculty and staff of Saint Mark’s Episcopal School strive to consistently offer a vibrant and innovative curriculum in a joyful supportive environment.

Each year the Annual Fund provides immediate unrestricted, budgetary support for all of the people and programs that make Saint Mark’s such a special place. Saint Mark’s is known for its talented teachers, a teaching assistant in every K – Grade 5 classroom, a well-maintained and beautiful campus, small class sizes, support of differentiated learning styles, and exemplary science, Spanish, PE, art and music programs. Gifts to the Annual Fund make all this and more possible.


Tuition alone does not cover the full cost of a Saint Mark’s education. This year that “gap” of $135,000 (which is roughly broken down to a $750 per student) is made up by generous gifts from parents, school trustees, administration, Vestry members, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty and staff through the Annual Fund.

Regardless of size, each and every gift to the Annual Fund is appreciated, and 100% of the gifts go directly to work for Saint Mark’s students. We expect that each school family will participate to the best of its ability. Thanks to the support of our generous donors, the continued fiscal success of the Annual Fund helps the school to keep tuition increases manageable for Saint Mark’s families now and in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Annual Fund

Q: I’m already paying tuition; why should I give more money?
A: Most accredited, independent schools have budgets in which tuition only covers a certain percentage of expenses. The rest (the “gap”) is covered by charitable donations. Our school’s national membership organization (National Association of Independent Schools or NAIS) looks for schools to finance about 10% of their budgets through Annual Fund giving.

Q: Why doesn’t Saint Mark’s School just charge what it costs to attend?
A: Our mission states that we honor diversity in all of its forms. We want to make Saint Mark’s accessible to as many students as possible. At full cost the school would no longer represent its mission. Greater diversity in our student body enriches the educational experience for everyone.

A gift to the School is tax-deductible, whereas tuition is not. This gives each family the opportunity to write off a portion of their child’s education.