Saint Mark’s Prayer List – August 2022

Comfort: Becker family, Bill & Patti, Ceus & Joseph families, Sally & the Thompson family, Tansanyuka family

Guidance: Those working to end gun violence, those coordinating transition period music, those applying for the position of Music Director, members of the Music Director Search Committee

Healing: Anne, Barbara, Ben & family, Bettie, Carolyn, Christopher, Dale, Dave, Holly, Jennifer, Karen, Kimberly, Madison, Melayna, Monica, Papa, Pat, Sandra, Sharon, Stephanie, Steve, Steve, Steven

Protection: David, Jean & Ben, Kameron, Michael, All refugees and immigrants, The people of Ukraine, Parents seeking formula for their infants

Thanksgiving: Barbara, Loren & Antoine

God knows the Need: Betty, Cheryl, Jonathan, Joseph, Laura, Mike, Monica, Ryan family, Sufficient rain to end our drought and wisdom to conserve water wisely

Recently Departed: Andy, Bill, Eudras, Heber, Margaret, Suzanne

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and Beyond Ministries: Fellowship, Finance, and Outreach Communities, Compulsive Eaters Anonymous, Episcopal Migration Ministries

Our Haitian Partnership: Pere Alphonse, Pere Colbert, The congregation of St. Andres, Trianon, Pere Joseph, Louis, Magdala, Raimonde, The people of Haiti and the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; Philippians 4:6

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We are here to pray for you.
Please send your prayer requests in the the form below.  Your request will be prayed over by the clergy or a member of the Daughters of the King who pray both daily individually and collectively every Sunday before the morning service. If you would like your friend or loved one to receive a Prayer Shawl, please include your phone number in the “other information” section.

I ask you to pray for: