We are Saint Mark’s

The Very Reverend Keith Yamamoto, Rector

The Reverend Sally Monastiere, Priest Assisting

Kay Alexander, Senior Warden

Carol Morgan, Junior Warden

Blane Abernathy, Director of Music, Organist

Jackie Wilds, Interim Preschool Director

Natalie Dunlap, Parish Assistant

Katherine Abdohosseini, Business Manager

Rob Garretson, Director of Youth Ministry

Church Elders: Skip and Bobbi Arjo, Murray Duvall, Alice Granewich, Nick Hurey, Helena Kooiman, and Peter Mow

Readiness Planning Task Force: Betty Farrell, Kate Flannery (chair), Adam LaMunyon, Yawen Li, Carol Morgan, Guen Vinnedge, and Kathy Walker. They are aided by consultants:  Derek May, Marcia Godwin, Canon Serena Beeks, Dale Biggs, Dr. Jim Brown, Canon Gisele Tackoor, Jackie Wilds, Katherine Abdolhosseini, Rob Garretson, and Blane Abernathy.

Canon Serena Beeks, Head of School Emerita
William Carrington, Organist and Choir Director Emeritus
The Rev. Konrad White, Rector Emeritus

Canon Serena Beeks, D. Min. Executive Director, Commission on Schools
Canon Clare Bangao, Coordinator for Mission Congregations
Canon Gisele Tackoor, JD, Director of Recruitment and Admissions at Pilgrim Place
The Rev. Can. Judy Heffron, Dean Emerita

Blane Abernathy, Organist and Director of Music Ministry
Rob Garretson, Director of Youth Ministries
Julia Warren, Youth Ministries Assistant
Katherine Abdolhosseini, Business Manager and Controller
Jackie Wilds, Interim Preschool Director
The rev. Sally Monastiere, Priest Assisting
The Very Rev. Keith Yamamoto, Rector

Vestry Members: 
Kay Alexander, Senior Warden (2022)
Carol Morgan, Junior Warden, Membership, Social Media (2024)
Sharon Muehlbacher, Fellowship, Buildings & Grounds (2024)
Ken Drew, Finance (2022)
Marcia Godwin, Finance (2024)
Edwina Golightly, Education & Formation (2022)
Andrea Griffin, Vestry Affairs (2022)
Jay Chok, Preschool Board (2023)
Larry Shade, Worship (2023)
Dean Billman, Finance & Legacy Society (2024)
Derek May Treasurer (2024)
Vicki Levario, Clerk (2022)