About Us

At Saint Mark’s, our three divisions — Preschool, Elementary School, and Middle School — are inextricably linked by one mission: We strive to cultivate inspired individuals who grow in grace and lead productive and meaningful lives. Students are recognized for their individual strengths and talents, while also benefiting from opportunities for team building and growing as a collective community. The school’s integrated curriculum connects all disciplines and age levels, which fosters in our students a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

Founded on the Anglican tradition, Saint Mark’s infuses spiritual formation into all aspects of the educational experience. Students develop a moral compass that guides them to make the right decisions as they navigate their years at Saint Mark’s and beyond.

Saint Mark’s provides a nurturing environment, surrounding each student with the support that is vital to his or her becoming an engaged citizen in a challenging world. We recognize the importance of exploration, enrichment, and encouragement in creating an environment in which children develop character, integrity, compassion, and respect as they strive to be the best they can be. Whether in the classroom, on the playing field, or out in the community, students are encouraged to take risks, to fully discover their sense of individuality, and to celebrate their place in today’s world.

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What people are saying about Saint Mark’s

Character, compassion, integrity, and respect are at the heart of our students’ education. We believe that listening what our students have to say about us is an enlightening window through which future Saint Mark’s families can learn more the school and its culture. Every student is a reflection of what we do every day, and each possesses a distinct and independent voice that offers insight, which over the years has proven beneficial to Saint Mark’s self-assessment and helped shaped its future. Read what they have to say…

Saint Mark’s by the numbers

Founded in 1982 (preschool was founded in 1964)
Average student-teacher ratio per class: 1:9
Current endowment: $1,242,000