A Covid Christmas Crèche

An Outdoor Covid Christmas Crèche with Social Distancing and Masks at St. Mark’s

Thank you for your participation in the St. Mark’s Christmas Crèche for 2020.
In this time of Covid, we need a new and safe expression of the Christmas story. In this re-enactment of the birth of our savior we will model the (Dr. Fauci) safe practices of wearing masks, social distancing, staying outside and avoiding crowds. The work we do will help our efforts to make in-person outside-the-building worship services better. We are happy to see the involvement of different generations for this event. Your flexibility and patience are appreciated as we mark this unique moment with a longing and a love of the Christmas story.


  • The setting will be outdoors; not inside the church building. 
  • All participants will be wearing masks.
  • All participants will be at least six feet from anyone outside their quarantine team.
  • Adult guardians will be responsible for the masks and movement of their children.
  • No shared costumes or props. There are some church costumes and props available for pick up.
  • Participants are invited to be creative with costumes and props.
  • Use understudies, so that participants are not compelled to show up if not feeling well.
  • The photo shoot will be as short as possible. We will host enough Zoom meetings for rehearsals so that participants are clear and comfortable on the day of the photo shoot.
  • No speaking parts, live singing or scene changes required.
  • Please be aware of your personal risk-factors.
    • Logistics
      Clear maps and directions on staging positions.
      Will require social media permissions/authorizations/releases from participants.

      Sept 9: Approval/Notification to Readiness Planning Task Force
      Sept 16-20: Article/Casting Call in the Good News
      Oct 4: Finalize cast list. October is the season for costumes.
      Oct 25: Rehearsal via Zoom
      Nov 7: Photo day
      Nov 14: Alternate photo day in case of inclement weather

      Holy Family (Center, base of stairs): LaMunyon Pod
      Angels (Stage right, on slope by Lee’s trees): Morgan Pod
      Shepherds (Stage left): Alexander Pod
      Sheep (Stage left): Open
      Magi (Stage right): May Pod
      Elizabeth & Co. (Stage left): Harris Pod
      Star/Gabriel (Center, corner of building): Mackall Pod

      Costumes & Props
      Be creative. Remember the picture will not pick up small details.  Characters will be known by their relative position to the baby Jesus
      and general color – not so much by make-up, props and costume details. Participants will be encouraged to take photos in the safety
      and comfort of their own homes for the playbill.